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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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-man: umass. -woman: here for a reason. good morning, america. the new poll that shows ben carson's lead surging in the race for the white house. donald trump right behind him. as president obama has something to say about the gop candidates. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> for the first time donald trump is here live in times square this morning for a no holds barred live one-on-one only on "gma." the first major winter storm of the season hammers the west, up to a foot of snow in the mountains. powerful wind gusts triggering this pileup. mudslides knocked cars off the road and it's moving east right now. a group of passengers kicked off a spirit airlines flight by
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says one of them was unruly. why they say it was race and not their behavior that got them in trouble. and robin williams' widow speaks out for the first time since his death. >> when did you first notice that something wasn't quite right? >> what she's revealing about his secret battle with a debilitating brain disorder and their final conversation. the abc news exclusive breaks here this morning. we do say good morning, america. a very busy tuesday morning and you're going to see republican presidential hopeful donald trump arriving in style here at our studio in times square. he is here live. [ cheers and applause ] for the first time as a candidate. >> got a brand-new book out this morning called "crippled america." we're going to get to him in just a moment. get the latest. two new polls out this morning
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as president obama taunts the republican candidates. abc's tom llamas starts us off. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. numbers. the big headline this morning, ing seven points since the last time this poll was conducted. same. jeb bush still in single digits but the other big headline, take a look at this now. when voters were asked their first or second choice ben carson, 50%, donald trump, 35%, outsiders, voters eight in ten want an outsider more than somebody from washington, so to the race, even president obama. >> have you noticed that every one of these keys say, you know, obama's weak. in his face. when i talk to putin -- [ laughter ] -- he's going to straiahten out. just looking at him, he's going
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they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. [ laughter and applause ] >> president obama not on the campaign trail but obviously having some fun. we do want to point out something important. this was conducted before the debate only one day after the debate, so much happened in that debate it's unclear how that will change the race, george, back to you. >> tom, thanks. donald trump is here right now. his new book "crippled america," how to make america great again is out today, welcome to the studio. >> thank you. >> respond to president obama there. >> well, you know, i personally don't care too much in terms of the debate. they've been hitting me one way or another and i guess i've been doing very well in the debates based on everything and based on polling. but i just want to have a debris. i like the debates. they can ask tough questions. i really -- >> what demands are you going to make. >> i don't think it should be three hours. that was always my demand and i'd like money, frankly, the networks are making a fortune but the networks are making a
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i'd like to see the wounded warriors and veterans get some profits. >> nothing else out on the stump you talked about having only republican moderators. >> i'm not -- look, i just want to answer the questions and be done with it and, frankly, we're doing well, as far as president obama saying what he said, he can't handle the country. he's doing a terrible josh b running the country. he may say the republicans don't get along on the debate. it's not us. we're being asked rude questions many directed at me to be honest with you but he's having a hard time. not a hard time, he cannot handle the country. he is doing a terrible, terrible job. >> how do you handle ben carson, second national poll out showing him in the lead. you're still ahead in places like new hampshire. how do you explain his surge? >> now ahead in iowa as of this important and that poll was not done after the debate. i think after the debate you'll see something different but, look, i've gun in the lead or close to the lead from the beginning. it's going to be probably maybe tight and i like ben. candidates too.
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>> how do you stop ben? >> i this i that ben just doesn't have the experience. look, you know, i'm going to make the greatest deals you've ever seen on trade. we're going to run the military properly. i'm going to take care of the vets. ben cannot deal those things. >> why not? >> it's not his thing, george. you know, you're born with it. it's not his thing. he hasn't got the temperament for it. it's not the right thing for him and there are right things for him. but when you see china, these are fierce people in terms of negotiation. they want to take your throat out, cut you apart. these are tough people. >> in your book you call china an enemy. why is it okay to do business with an enemy? >> it's an economic enemy because they've taken advantage of us like nobody in history. i the greatest theft in the history of the word what they've done to the united states. they've taken our jobs, george -- >> why is it okay to do business with them. >> but we'll turn it around and end up making money from them. we're losing in terms of balance of payments and in terms of anything you want to do with trade we're losing almost $400
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billion a year with china. nobody can turn that. you look at corporate inversions, corporate inversions where companies are leaving the united states, taking employees, i'm the only one that can do that. you know the other candidates, i was talking to them, inter they don't even know what it is. >> here's what hillary is a saying on the stump. >> i have to say if he emerges, i would love to debate him. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun. >> she bluffing? >> she's bluffing, yes, she's bluffing. look, i know her well. she's done a terrible job as you know secretary of state. the world blew up around her and then she's got all of the other problems, i think bernie sanders is gone now because he gave up an important thing with e-mails. when he did that, i said when it happened, it's a great sound bite.
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if you hear people clapping he got two minutes but gave up -- >> is she the nominee. >> unless she gets indicted. >> how about you? >> i think i will be the nominee, yeah, i do think so. every poll, look, one just came out as you saw in iowa. i'm leading. p just came out a little while ago, a couple minutes ago. new hampshire, i'm leading big. florida i'm leading big. south carolina, i'm leading big. i don't know. who knows. i think i'm going to be. >> a lot of democrats think marco rubio is the toughest nominee for the republicans. why are they wrong. >> i don't see it. i don't see it. i'm not a fan and you know what -- >> you said he's overrated. >> i think he's overrayed and i've also said he's a lightweight. i think putin would eat him alive. i think he's a totally overrated guy. i think bush, his message was horrible the way he delivered it but bush had a. better message but here's a guy that doesn't show up to vote. he's done -- the way bush delivers a message it's so sad, but he had the message to deliver. if i'm talking about him not
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saying that he's weak on immigration, you know he's very weak -- he was a member of the gang of eight, the gang of eight, you know what they were, schumer and a whole group of people. everyone coming to the country. please come in, take over our country, all of a sudden his poll numbers went down and got out of the gang of eight. he's very weak. this new gentleman backing him, singer, you got to look at that record. you take a look at that record and take a look at what he stands for. i think rubio personally is an overrated guy. >> jeb bush resetting his campaign yesterday. going after you. >> the solution won't be found in someone who has never demonstrated the capacity to implement conservative ideas. and you can't just tell congress, you're fired and go to commercial break. >> look, jeb is a nice guy. he's a stiff. he's a nice guy. he doesn't have a chance, all right. he ought to do what walker did, walker -- >> drop out. >> absolutely. he has no chance. he's got money but the money is not going to do it and he's been branded as a low energy. i don't know who --
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>> by who? >> i can't imagine but, look, jeb is not a man that's going to make it, okay. he's wasting his time. he's wasting a lot of money. i say rubio is highly overrated. i think there's some people that actually do have talent in the group and the reason i talk this way is because i -- when this is over if i win, great. great again. if i lose, fine. people. that's going to be it. i go into the sunset and i go to turnberry and doral and win buildings. >> we'll talk a lot more about your personal life in the next half hour. stand by. we turn to the search for answers in that mysterious plane crash and analysis of black boxes from the jet that broke apart in flight is under way right now and abc's alex marquardt joins us from egypt with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. egypt's president is now pushing back against allegations this plane came down due to terrorism. he's calling it propaganda that is aimed at harming egypt's reputation.
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now the and the to this mystery will only come once those black boxes have been fully analyzed. they are here in cairo being worked on by teams from egypt, russia and airbus. meanwhile, the pentagon says that a u.s. satellite equipped with infrared sensors picked up what they call flashes around the time that the plane was flying over the sinai. the u.s. has not yet ruled out terrorism but a spokesman pore russian president vladimir putin said today that so far there isn't the slightest evidence of a terrorist act. robin. >> we'll talk more about that. all right, alex, thank you. we bring in abc news aviation consultant, steve ganyard, so, steve, there's three theories out there about what brought down this plane. what is your take? >> robin, i think we've been able to discount the idea that a service missile brought it down. we still need toty about a bomb on board but investigators will look at structural failure. about 14 years ago this airplane had a very hard landing in cairo that hit the tail so badly it had to be repaired. and they may want to go back and
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look at that repair and see if it may have been a cause of this catastrophe. >> yesterday you were talking about the wreckage pattern being very important but the black speak. what clues could they provide? >> well, the cockpit voice recorder is actually just -- these are microphones in the cockpit so if there was a bomb that went off that bomb will be very clear, clearly heard. if the airplane came apart, even the whooshing sound will be apparent on the voice recorder so the investigators will get something out that have cockpit voice recorder that will tell us what happened in those last seconds. >> and hopefully we'll learn something soon. still a mystery. thank you. we turn to a very different story about air travel. passengers kicked off a plane overnight. the flight attendant says they were being unruly. black. abc's david kerley is at l.a.x. this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. police are telling us it started over an overbooking and escalated to seven people taken off the plane.
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they say it was discrimination. this cell phone video captures the tension escalate ago board the spirit airlines jet as passengers are boarding the flight from l.a. to dallas. >> we have witnesses that we wasn't causing any problems. >> reporter: police say they were called by spirit airlines after an argument broke out over a double booked seat. >> you must get up and move. he got up. he told them one time he got ready to move and the flight attendant said something smart out of his mouth and the guy said i'm not talking to you. don't talk to me. after the guy said that he said you need to get off the flight. >> reporter: police escorted man and his traveling companion both black off the plane. according to police five other black passengers began to cause a disturbance. those passengers maintained that a white flight attendant accused a member of the group of being a threat. airport police forcing that entire group to leave the plane, as well. >> i'm really humiliated for the simple fact that, you know, you hear about this type of stuff happening in america, discrimination issues and stuff like that but to actually experience it firsthand. >> this morning it's not clear
7:13 am
were traveling together. now this morning, police are telling us that no arrests have been made and there's one side of the story we have not heard so far, robin. that is spirit airlines. they have not released a statement. they have not said anything about this incident so far. >> perhaps they will soon. all right, david, thank you. now to that first winter storm slamming the west. a foot of snow in some areas and more is on the way, ginger. >> yeah, that mighty storm did this near bakersfield, california. bringing visibility to near zero. now unfortunately, i think that could happen again today. wind advisories, winter storm states. >> everybody got hit hard. >> reporter: smashed on a california highway. wind whipped dust filling the skies near bakersfield triggering a multicar pileup. >> how many cars? >> reporter: at least 15 vehicles involved in the wreck. no one seriously injured. it's all part of a significant storm swirling through the west right now. concord.
7:14 am
forcing mudslides. >> i just lost control over there. >> reporter: and bringing the first snow of the season from the sierra to more than a foot at stevens pass in washington state. some folks so happy to see some of that snow at least in the mountain areas but it's going to move west or east excuse me with that low pressure system. the wind and mountain snows to colorado, wyoming and into new mexico. that's happening for us today but comes along with a lot of wind. some gusts could reach 46 miles per hour in salt lake so extra care taken today. >> got to watch out for that. ginger, thank you. turning to amy with today's other top stories including with a new scandal at the v.a. >> we learned overnight the two managers at the veterans affairs department have pleaded the hearing. a house panel is looking into ago stations that v.a. executives moved around jobs so they could keep their high salaries but have fewer responsibilities while charging taxpayers big moving expenses. well, volkswagen is denying new accusations from the epa that the automaker equipped more
7:15 am
vehicles with emissions cheating software than first thought including audi and porsche diesels. the company insists it is cooperating with investigators. and in a first of its kind decision the u.s. department of education says a transgender student who identifies as female must be given full access to the girls' locker room. the student's school in suburban chicago had required her to change and shower separately citing privacy concerns. well, overseas, a shocking sight for drivers. a fireball streaking through the sky over bangkok, thailand, believed to be part of a meteor shower peaking in the next few days. finally, outrage is growing here in new york after a coffee shop opened and dared to sell only decaf coffee. it urges customers to experience the art of coffee without caffeine but in this city that never sleeps critics are having a field day, some wondering if the company's next concept is an alcohol-free wine bar. yeah.
7:16 am
one -- >> who is doing that, you? >> one blogger called the owners canadian weirdos and said they took the magic out of an elixir that makes your co-workers moderately tolerable. i love you and it has nothing to do with the coffee. >> i think it's safe to say amy had caffeinated. >> i think it is, thank you, amy. an explosive new report about those military honors at sporting events, that story for you in just 30 seconds.
7:17 am
to be released tomorrow about those military honors at pro sporting events and your money. abc's jim avila breaking the story this morning. >> reporter: an emotional staple world. patriotism at the stadium. >> the presentation of our nation's colors. >> reporter: but "good morning america" has learned some of these tear-jerking moments honoring american heroes are paid acts of patriotism. the pentagon buying on-field opportunities for military men and women to carry that giant flag at this buffalo bills game. sing the national anthem at this boston bruins game, even throw out the first pitch at three milwaukee brewers games. or rappel down a rope at center ice to drop the puck at a minnesota wild game. >> these teams do a lot of good work. the problem is when actives like this are paid for by the taxpayer, it cheapens everything else they do. >> reporter: after what senator
7:18 am
flake labels paid patriotism in the nfl was first revealed this spring, congress demanded to see all the contracts between major league sports and the department of defense. the lgues and teams deny they charge for patriotic displays, saying these events were free add-ons to big marketing contracts. the milwaukee brewers, these amounts. >> i don't think that that explanation holes water and we have specific contracts spelling out, you know, $20,000 for a salute to the hometown hero actually specifying how long something had to be on the jumbotron. >> reporter: major league baseball telling its teams to stop the practice. >> we've encouraged them to take steps to avoid any appearance that they're being paid for truly ceremonial patriotic activities on the field. >> reporter: overnight, the nfl in a letter obtained exclusively by abc news tells congress it is ordering an external audit to
7:19 am
were charging for those are true and if they are, the league says it will pay the taxpayers back. robin. >> that's hard to hear that. hard to hear that report. jim, thank you. so much more ahead this tuesday morning, an abc news exclusive, robin williams' widow speaking out for the first time since the comedian's death. >> the last year trying to get to the bottom of what took my husband's life. >> his secret battle with a crippling brain disorder and the last conversation they had, amy's going to bring us that emotional interview this morning. and donald trump is here live, more one-on-one with the billionaire opening up about his family and what his kids really think about his run.
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and this video out of florida, the panhandle, a reported tornado 3 so monday was a stormy day. today, a saysary front up cindy: 40 degrees in boston. sunshine all day long. a colder start in the suburbs. wiki at 238 and beverly.
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announcer: this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. and kenton has ended with two people hurt. a man stabbed his brother in a home early this morning. the victim was taken to a hospital to be treated for nonlife threatening injuries. police are searching for a killer after a man was done -- was gunned down in dorchester. the victim was shot several times and died at the scene. tuesday morning. 48 in boston. bedford at 35. 30'
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s all the way down the south coast. it is a chilly start. we will see the sunshine sticking around. wishing to the mid-60' s by lunchtime. -- pushing to the mid-60' s by lunchtime. temperatures similar tomorrow. there will be a priest at the coast line. more clouds by new 70. olessa: it is still pretty slow. watching an accident on 93 south bad heavy delays into my feeling. pike eastbound is about 40. for 95 21 28, another crush on went with a north by the braintree split. express why is about 30. emily: you can walk -- randy:
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welcome back, everyone, to "gma." that's donald trump and his family at the last gop debate in boulder, colorado. more of george's interview with the candidate talking about his family and a whole lot more. >> he doesn't hold back on anything. also right now, investigators are starting to passenger jet that fell out of the sky in egypt. the pentagon says a u.s. satellite picked up flashes around the time it went down. and amazon is increasing paid leave for new parents giving new weeks. also ahead, high school football player banned from the playoffs after pointing his finger in the air, jesse palmer, what was going on there is there this teen says he was doing what so many other like tim tebow do, thanking god after a play. but now it's keeping him from the playoffs.
7:28 am
what really happened? that's coming up in our "speed feed" ahead. >> we want to know more, jesse. we begin this half hour with an abc news exclusive. robin williams' widow, susan williams speaking out for the first time since his death last year and amy had a chance to sit down with her. >> after more than a year susan williams is breaking her silence opening up in an emotional interview about her husband's suicide and revealing a previously undetected medical condition in his final months. she very much wants people to understand exactly what led to robin's death and what made him the love of her life. >> it's 060. what does the o stand for, oh, my god it's early. >> with his quick wit. and a quiet gravitas. >> you don't know about real loss because that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. >> reporter: there was no role robin williams. >> old man's love, this is what
7:29 am
>> reporter: yet his most extraordinary role was off screen as a family man. >> it's the best love i ever dreamed of. you know, it's what i always dreamed of a love would be based on just honor, love, respect. >> robin and susan had a seven heave year relationship, a happy and very private three-year marriage but on august 11th last year, life took a drastic turn. susan left for work that morning thinking her husband was still asleep. >> rebecca, his assistant came up. then she sent me a text. it said he's not up yet. what should i do? then i said, wake him and then she called me back. >> what did she say? >> i can't -- i can't even -- i'm sorry. that 20-minute car ride i just screamed the whole way, robin. >> did you get to see him?
7:30 am
forgive you with all my heart. you're the bravest man i've ever known. you know, we were living a nightmare. >> reporter: that nightmare at its worst in 9 months leading up to his suicide. the 63-year-old was secretly battling depression, anxiety and paranoia which drove him to take his own life hanging himself with a belt. when did you first notice that something wasn't quite right? >> in november of 2013 he had a little gut pain, next month it was another symptom. it was like this endless parade of symptoms and not all of them would raise their head at once. it was like playing whac-a-mole which symptom is it this month? i thought is my husband a hypo hypochondriac and by now we tried everything. >> reporter: some answers finally came in may that year when robin was diagnosed with early stages of parkinson's disease. did he ever do anything where you were afraid for his physical safety?
7:31 am
>> yes. yeah, july 24th. i was in the shower and all of a sudden i saw him lingering at the sink for awhile. something didn't seem right. and i opened up the door and there was blood. the towel was soaked with blood and he was just dabbing his head. i just screamed, robin, what happened? what did you do? just my best friend was sinking, you know. he pointed to the door and i said, did you hit your head and he nodded. his only response was i miscalculated. >> did it ever cross your mind that he could be suicidal? >> no, it was chavis going on inside his brain, the chemical warfare that no one knew about. >> reporter: his autopsy later revealing he was suffering from a debilitating brain disorder lou which body dementia.
7:32 am
many different presentations. you can see very dramatic effects in thinking, emotions and behavior. >> reporter: most people think your husband killed himself because he was depressed. >> no, lewy body dementia killed robin. it's what took his life and that's what i spent the last year trying to get to the bottom of. what took my husband's life. >> was he losing his mind? >> yes. absolutely. and he was aware of it. he was keeping it together as best as he could but the last month he could not. it was like the dam broke. >> in that last week, doctors were planning to check him into a facility for neurocognitive testing. >> was this robin's way of taking control back? >> in my opinion, oh, yeah, i think he was just saying, no. and i don't blame him one bit. >> your last conversation with robin, what was said? >> so i was getting in bed and
7:33 am
times once to his closet and he said, good night, my love and i said, good night, my love. and then he came back again, he came out with his ipad and he looked like he had something to do and that was like i think he's getting better then he said good night. good night. that was the last. >> today while the world continues to remember robin williams for his iconic movies. >> my favorite movie of robin williams was robin williams being a human being, not an actor. >> right. >> best movie in the world. >> and susan told me that robin was completely sober when he died and had been for eight years and she explained that they had been sleeping in separate bedrooms because he had trouble sleeping. that's a symptom, a classic you can see. more of my interview with susan tomorrow on "gma" where she talks about the legal battle that then ensued with robin's
7:34 am
adult children. >> all this time many thought it to -- >> it was dementia. >> yes. >> thanks, amy. coming up, the candidate donald trump gets personal talking about his wife and family and much more with
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woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ] leah: she was so perfect! cc2 test message donald trump's new book "crippled america" packed with images of extraordinary wealth. trophy properties all over the word, private jumbo jets, a detailed list of his billions of dollars in assets and mr. trump, he's here right now. you are not shy about it at all. you write i'm rich, i'm really, really rich but does being rich really make you a better president? >> well, i'm just doing it i guess for a reason. i don't need that from a braggadocio standpoint and i think the book is going to be terrific in terms of explaining me but it's the mind-set that our country needs. we can't make deals like we're making with japan and with china and with mexico and with every
7:39 am
country that's ripping us open. we can't. we need a different mind-set. we can't make a deal like we did with sergeant bergdahl. we get a traitor. they get five killers they've been after for eight years. they're on the battlefield trying to kill all of us. we can't make those deals. five for one. we get a traitor. they get five people they wanted. we can't continue to do that and part of the purpose of the book, it does show my assets which nobody knew until i actually did a filing and people were very impressed. remember the filing, oh, he'll never file. maybe he's not as rich as we think. has nothing to do with rich but turned out i was. stronger and richer than anybody knew. i built a great company. we have to use that mind-set, george, on straightening out our nation. we owe $19 trillion and we're going up the last budget is a total disaster. it's only going in one direction. it's going up and we'll be greece an steroids if we don't do something fast. >> you open up about your personal life and said you were better a father than a husband
7:40 am
at least in part because of your work. what did you learn from that and what do you want voters to know about donald trump, the man. >> i have a great marriage now but i did and i was married twice before and they were excellent women. terrific women but my work was all encompassing. it always has been. i guess it's still is if you think about it, what i'm doing now but my work has always been all encompassing and i blame myself for that but i'm a person that loves achievement. i love creating jobs. i've done so many jobs, tens of thousands of jobs over the years. you see that when you look at the kind of developments i've done and the jobs and the businesses but i've employed tens of thousands of people over the years. today and we just got it, i won in nevada with the hispanic vote. i have thousands of hispanics working for me of the they love me. i love them. they're an unbelievable people. and i think i'm going to win the hispanic vote but it talks about a lot of this in the book. but what it really talks about is a mind-set. it's a mind-set. it's also how to do it because a lot of people want to know how
7:41 am
build a company, et cetera, et cetera, and i think it's going to be an interesting book. >> you also write it you want to know if i've been wrong the best thing would be to ask my kids. they'll tell you the truth. what would they say? >> well, i think they would say i've been a really good father when they were -- i could be in the middle of the biggest deal and if they call i'm always there for them. and, you know, the tough part about the book is the name tough name "crippled america" and it is a crippled america. picture. i had all these beautiful picture, simon & schuster sent magnificent pictures, great photographer, smiling and happy and took one when i wasn't prepared to take it and that's the picture and i'm sitting there with an angry face and everybody said that's really got to be the picture because the book is explaining all of the problems we have with the country and how to fix them. more importantly. >> where would they say you've been wrong? >> well, i work hard but i don't think that's wrong. you know, by what i do and by the amount i work and all of the
7:42 am
of a lot of families. tens of thousands of families. they have health care, they don't have to worry about obamacare hike a lot of people which is a disaster by the way and getting worse and worse. the premiums are through the roof. they don't worry about it. they don't have to worry about education. i've taken care of a lot of family, thousands and thousands of families. i'm very proud of it. >> we saw melania at the debate last week. >> how do you think your husband did this evening. >> he did fantastic job. >> you going to see more of her on the campaign trail. >> you are, sure. she loved that. she loved the debate. she thought i did very well. everybody -- even you thought i did well. that's even more important than this particular case. >> more important than your wife does. "crippled america" out today. you're giving it out at the trump tower. >> trump tower, 12:00. >> donald trump, thanks very much. >> thank you very much. all right, george. thanks. going good to have him in the studio with us. a high school football player banned from the game for thanking god of a touchdown.
7:43 am
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test text1 italics test text1 plain back now with "the speed feed" and this one has a lot of people talking. a high school football player banned for praying on the field. jesse here with that story.
7:47 am
>> that's right, lara. we see professional players like tim tebow do this on the field all the time. this football player says he was praising god after scoring a touchdown but the refs say that went too far calling an unsportsmanlike penalty on the team for the second time that night. automatically ejected from the game with two of those and he'll be suspended for the next game. banda is appealing it hoping to participate in their playoff game next week pending official review of that video. >> this is crazy. i saw the video and no way was he drawing attention to himself. he wasn't taunting anybody else. this has to get overturned. they'll look at that today. i'd expect him to be able to play. >> we want to know what you have to say. the ref said he was taunting. do you think so? weigh in on our facebook page. >> i guess we will. that. other team. >> i didn't see it. i didn't see it. when we come back at the top of the hour, sleepwalking teen found nine miles from home.
7:48 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. sound asleep and walking nine miles. >> it's a shock to me that i made it that far. >> the 19-year-old who disappeared from her bed sleepwalking far from her home. her story for the first time in her own words this morning. "gma" exclusive. the family of a boy with autism sued by their neighbors saying he is a public nuisance. the parents speak out now. andy and allison. andy grammer off "dancing with the stars" after an emotional night in the ballroom. mom. now they're here live on "gma." and we're going to the dogs this morning helping a good
7:56 am
meet lukas, cookie. >> i have to point out mr. wiggles is getting jealous. >> one adopted live right here. all that and aziz ansari is here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> and good morning to you, aziz ansari, here live. we will lear from him just ahead. very talented very funny. >> brand-new show out on netflix called "master of none." look who we have here, little lukas. ah. good boy. >> lukas is sweet. >> nutmeg. >> oh, nutmeg and you got cookie. >> yeah, these are all rescue dogs, north shore animal league all needing good homes and we found one of these dogs will go home with a very special friend of ours.
7:57 am
we have been looking for -- i lost sweet k j, my jack rust sell russell. amber had a sweet dog that passed away. >> i know it takes time. >> it does. >> more importantly about rescuing and the process of that. >> you were nice enough to enlist me because i believe i'm the rescue whisperer. >> we all have rescues. >> which is great. we hope you will too. the dogs that don't get chosen today are available to you guys, our viewers. so we'll let you know how to do that. >> that's coming up. amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning the growing mystery of what brought down that russian passenger plane in egypt. the black boxes are now being examined and could shed some light especially the cockpit voice recorder which may have picked up the sound of an explosion. investigators agree it was not a surface-to-air missile, both russian and egyptian officials insist it was not terrorism, although the u.s. has not ruled that out. years ago the rear of the plane
7:58 am
had to be repaired after hitting the runway during landing so a structural failure is a concern at this point. turning to politics now and the republican revolt over how the debates are conducted is falling apart this morning. several gop candidates are now refusing to sign a letter demanding new rules restricting everything from the length of the debates to the temperature in the room. donald trump says he will negotiate directly with the networks himself. trump is trailing ben carson in the latest national poll by six points but in an exclusive interview with george this morning, trump claimed carson just doesn't have what it takes to be president. >> he hasn't got the temperament for it. it's not the right thing for him. and there are right things for him. but when you see china, these are fierce people in terms of negotiation, they want to take your throat out. they want to cut you apart. these are tough people. >> as for marco rubio who has been enjoying momentum in the polls trump claimed he is a lightweight and he called jeb bush a stiff who doesn't have a chance. bush is trying to energize his
7:59 am
campaign with a new slogan, jeb can fix it. well, today is election day across the country and in ohio voters will decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. if approved ohio would join colorado, washington and oregon in legalizing pot and in san francisco today the so-called airbnb vote is up for a vote of the proposal would regulate short-term rentals. an update on a passenger who attacked an uber taxi driver in california. ooh. he was a marketing executive at taco bell before his arrest but benjamin golden has now been fired. he faces charges of assault and public drunkenness. well, a new study reveals the amount of time teenagers spend in front of a screen get each day whether it's using their phone, tablet or watching tv, the survey reveals teens spend an average of nine hours a daikon suing media and that does not include time spent using media in school or while doing homework. it drops to about six hours per
8:00 am
they may be spending some of that playing candy crush saga. there is word this morning that the company that makes candy crush has been sold for a staggering $5.9 billion and full disclosure, i have added to that cost, 99 cents at a time. all right. >> unbelievable. finally he says he has no regrets but people are having trouble believing this baseball fan who thought it was a great idea to get a mets world champs world series outcome was determined and as we all know, the mets didn't win, in fact, they didn't even come close to winning. josh davis admits, okay, he was a little overconfident but has a plan to turn that 2015 into 2016. >> yes. >> he believes! >> right. well, you know, the royals were in the world series last year and didn't win it and then won it this year so it could happen. keep hope alive. >> back this guy up on this. >> okay, thank you, amy. let's go to lara.
8:01 am
i say, guys, it will happen. but first here's what's going on on our "gma morning menu." we've got an abc news exclusive for you, a family sued by their neighbors who call their son with autism a public nuisance. his parents now speaking out and then only on "gma," the sleepwalking teen who woke up nine miles from home. dr. ashton is here to explain how should you really wake up a sleepwalker and then got to say hi to andy grammer. hi, you guys. >> hi. >> no longer on "dancing with the stars" but thankfully here with us this morning. we'll talk to you about your great job. >> thank you. i got to get outside. this is cookie. one of the rescues available. "gma." amazing puppies here. come back. don't go anywhere. hi, everybody. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by moen.
8:02 am
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8:06 am
it is being a friend. there aren't old people there. there are actually young people with old clothing on. welcome back to "gma." looking at a groundbreaking lawsuit that has outraged parents across the country. the family of an 11-year-old boy with autism sued by neighbors who say the boy is a public nuisance and a threat to their children. we have an exclusive interview with the boy's father, i did that yesterday after this from linsey davis. >> reporter: while this 11-year-old learns how to swim, his parents describe drowning in litigation by former neighbors who aim to have their son with nuisance. >> we never imagined that something like this could happen to our family. >> reporter: two san jose area families say the 11-year-old
8:07 am
wreaked havoc on this cul-de-sac and his parents didn't do enough to control his son. >> my son on his fourth birthday was riding his bike and the child threw him to the ground, grabbed with both hands his hair and shook him violently. >> reporter: the neighbors say the case is not about autism. >> it's about the safety of our children, they were attacked on multiple occasions. >> they have been slapped, hit, kicked, basically terrorized. >> reporter: but a judge is now weighing in saying the lawsuit should go to a judicial settlement conference where both parties mediate and end the litigation. >> every extra day we have to go through this lawsuit it takes our focus away from helping our child. it has taken a lot of hours that we would be supporting him. >> reporter: the legal action caused the family at the center of the suit to move out of their home but that didn't put an end to the litigation. the hope now is that the mediation will. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new
8:08 am
>> and we are joined now by the boy's father, vidyut gopal and his attorney aviva martin. thank you both for joining us. how is your son doing. >> he's doing very well, thank you. >> what have you been able to tell him about why you had to move and what's been the toughest part on your family. >> sure, well, the toughest part on our family was realizing that this neighborhood where we had lived for seven years, that people had suddenly turned antagonistic towards us and towards our family and having to make this decision to move out of there once this lawsuit was filed. >> that is such a big decision. now, the judge has said that he hopes you can work this out through mediation. there's a judicial settlement conference in december. do you think you can reach a settlement on this. >> we are very hopeful that this case will be dismissed. >> dismissed. >> by the plaintiffs and by the court. >> and the plaintiffs say this is just about the safety of their children but you think it's about more than that. >> they filed a civil complaint
8:09 am
damages and face it, you know -- >> money. >> civil lawsuits are about money and more importantly this lawsuit, they ask that this little boy, this little boy with autism be declared a public nuisance and i think that's what makes this case so unique is that for the first time in the reported history in california a kid with a disability, someone has gone into court to say that this child is a nuisance. >> what steps have you taken to get your son the help that he needs and to ensure that he is not seen as a threat? >> our son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 when he was a very young child and ever since then we have been very committed and dedicated parents and structured our life around him and in helping him develop and we have got him all the gold standard therapies for autism that most parents get their children. >> your neighbors said you just couldn't control your son. untrue. >> not at all. >> not at all.
8:10 am
that neighborhood. >> if it's resolved, yes, absolutely. >> what more do you hope will come of this case. >> this case has bigger implications than what happens with our clients. what concerns me also as a mother of a child with autism and an autism advocate if this family can't live in this neighborhood where can they live? autism now impacts 1 in 64 children so everyone is going to come in contact with someone with autism either in your neighborhood, in your job or in your community and these kids deserve to be able to live freely without harassment and without the stigma that a lawsuit such as this brings to them >> thank you both very much. >> thank you very much, george. issue. you hope the neighbors can find a way to come together. >> you hope mediation helps in some way. >> to robin. >> thanks for bringing that to us. now to our series "snooze solutions" and the incredible story of that young colorado woman who went missing from her home early last week sleepwalking for nine miles.
8:11 am
she's telling her story for the first time only on "gma" and abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> it's a shock to me that i made it that far. >> reporter: this morning 19-year-old taylor gammel recounting the moments she woke up realizing she had been sleepwalking for nine miles starting from her bedroom. >> first thing i remember was just walking. it kind of took me a minute to like realize i wasn't dreaming but that i was actually walking. >> her dad steve says taylor has a pattern of sleepwalking but had never ventured out this far. that is until last tuesday when at 6 a.m. he realized his daughter wasn't home. >> we have this young, beautiful daughter alone walking around, i have happened. >> you can imagine i think it was three hours that my wife and i, michele, were just going crazy just worried about her. >> reporter: the gammels called police who used a bloodhound to aid in the search. she had traversed nine miles
8:12 am
>> did your feet hurt after that. >> yeah, they hurt bad and my legs too. >> reporter: when she woke up she recognized this movie theater and knew she was close to her uncle's house. >> were you so thankful that you recognize the area. >> yeah, i wouldn't know what i would have done. >> reporter: showing me the stairs to the base many and the door she left hard to imagine someone doing this asleep. >> just ike that. >> reporter: nearly 4% of people report sleepwalking within the past year. taylor says it's something that just happens from time to time. >> are there any precautions you can take. >> yeah, we have an alarm on my door, every time i open it it >> dad's rejoice right now. >> so many things that could have gone wrong or happened and really am lucky. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, denver. >> joining us now abc's dr. jennifer ashton. information. >> a parasomnia. we heard a little about the statistics. two to 4% of adults do this.
8:13 am
childhood. about 13% of 10-year-olds do it and at times it can be dangerous obviously but there are two main theory that it's a disorder of sleep or a disorder of arousal. we're not sure what causes it but we know that there are certain triggers associated with it. sleep deprivation is a big one ironically, the use of sedative medication. if a child or adult is sick with an illness or fever but once it happens the key is what do you do about it? sleepwalking. myths. >> correct. >> never wake somebody who is sleepwalking. is that true? >> no, that is a complete myth. nothing is going to happen. you won't do any damage but it should be mentioned that when you startle someone or awaken them from this altered state of consciousness they can become startled and so they can become violent so you want to do it gently. >> and there are thoughts that you don't remember if you are a sleepwalker. do you remember what happened. >> that's also a myth but it's ironic, amnesia of the event tends to be one of the diagnostic criteria but there
8:14 am
have been studies that show that up to 80% of people who sleepwalk have some recollection of either that behavior or some thought they were having during the episode so largely it's a myth. >> so are there any treatments out there. >> listen, gently if you see a sleepwalker, gently get them back to bed. make sure that they don't hurt themselves and avoid danger in the process so stairs obviously is something you want to help them with. if necessary a loud noise to tartle them, get them back to sleep of the that's key. >> okay, but is there anything you can do to prevent this from happening. >> you know, there's not good evidence but main p stay of treatment, hypnosis and scheduled awakens is the preferred treatment for kids. >> let's get to george and lara now. now, it's icon week on "dancing with the stars." celebrities paying tribute to influential figures in their lives and they did that last night no hero could save one un unlucky couple. take a look.
8:15 am
y and allison, carlos and witney, the couple leaving right now is andy and allison. >> oh, such a bummer. allison. what a moving tribute to nour late mom. >> yeah, so sweet. you know, i came on this show because she loved "dancing with the stars" and dance in general so it was kind of full circle to have me leave on the night that i got to do a dance for her where she actually got to play emotional week. it's really crazy, grieving is such an interesting thing so i found through dancing on this show i was able to grieve for her a little bit which soups crazy but that's real. >> no, i understand it. >> with a mom-to-be. marveling five months pregnant you didn't slow down one bit. >> thank you. yeah, i mean, i'm not going to lie to you. there are definitely moments that felt a little bizarre because i'm still dancing on the show and putting on itty-bitty
8:16 am
thing but honestly i felt energized and so fueled every single day and i think it helped that i had such a supportive partner. >> and energetic partner. >> exactly. >> the thing about andy, the whole way through you brought it. every week. the flip. i mean -- who knew, andy grammer could whip out a flip and a little worm. >> and a little worm. >> oh, there it is. >> waiting for this. that pose right there and what's really intense. >> the best way you could ever leave the show is going out with a worm. it was an incredible night. >> is that sort of what you were thinking, i'll throw it all out there. >> at that point, listen, so much of this is like you have two minutes to learn a samba or something, right. like which is -- takes years to perfect so at some point during that dance i was like, screw this and walked over and started taunting him and did a film. >> you're doing it while he's on tur. you went on tour, as well. >> we were on the road, we were traveling and it was really actually fun to get to know him because we were hanging so much
8:17 am
we were at the airports, we were eating lunch and dinner together so i felt like i'm in a relationship, really, really strong. >> you know, she got to come with me -- i've been blessed to have a lot of great shows going on while this show is happening so it was a lot. but she got to come. >> no rest for the weary. you'll continue on touring. >> keep going on. i got a show on friday. my manager and agents fill it up real quick. it was tough because there were so many good things happen we had to cancel a couple for the demands of this show. >> we got to go. who is going to win. >> who is going to win? there's so many great people. >> come on. >> i know for me i would rely love to see sharna win her first mirrorball trophy. >> sharna. who doesn't love bindi. i love carlos. you become good friends with all these people. >> talentwise, bindi. >> or carlos is my dude. i love carlos. >> thank you, guys. don't miss "dancing with the stars" 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. now let's go to ginger. >> wishing a happy birthday to
8:18 am
awesome anyways that say, go dad, 26.2. he ran the marathon. like a gift, not for isabella but for the sierras, 2 1/2 inches of rain, more than a foot of snow in parts of the cascades. that moving southeast now, tahoe got it, montana to california. cindy: good morning. up to 50 in boston. 40' s and the suburbs. so much energy today. so much energy and it's all for you, lara. "pop"? thank you so much, ginger. today a special edition of "pup news."
8:19 am
>> ah. >> for a segment we have coming up later. say hi, cookie. all right, so pup news. here we go. we begin with a little sandra bullock news. watch out, george clooney. sandy is set to step into your loafers. the "gravity" oscar winner in talks to lead in a reboot of "ocean's eleven." the classic high thriller role made famous by clooney in 2001 originally starring frank sinatra back in 1960. if anyone can lead a group of a life list actresses in the greatest casino heist of the century it would be sandy. into clooney's shoes. her lead in "our brand" was as well. >> did not know that. >> she's after you, george. >> julia roberts, met meryl streep in that cast. >> i love that. >> that would be awesome. >> amy, lara, robin and ginger, just saying. also in "pop news" this morning, we've got the skinny on slim shady.
8:20 am
the literal skinny. researchers in london, this is not a "pop news" investigation discovering that listening to eminem while running can boost your performance by 10%. 10% more than any other music. after testing 100 artists across every genre of music the study concluded that slim shady's lyrics have a highly motivational edge over long distances and his beat increases power and everyone durs ndurance. running. >> you do that when you run the marathon in yeah. playlist i have. it makes you move. >> listening to adele's "someone like you" or rihanna's "stay"? that's the problem. that's been my problem. i'm not really sure how to way you move >> yes. >> that's been my problem when i've been jogging. >> do you want 15 more seconds. >> he a frustrated singer.
8:21 am
you notice how he fits that in a little bit, some singing. i think you want -- >> the next topic, lara. >> well, i just fyi, the one reggae. no reggae does the opposite. >> makes you want to drink beer. >> makes you want to -- >> other stuff. >> finally i thought this was interesting. something fishy might be going not for long. the famous irish beer master is announcing they're removing fish bladder from their brewing process. you heard that right. >> what. >> fish bladder has been in guinness all these years, the irish stout going vegan by removing the fish by-product. that's used to make yeast settle faster. guinness makers insist it won't change the taste. they say you will barley notice the difference. >> what do you think, cookie? >> cookie? two paws up, right?
8:22 am
announcer: this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: a standoff and canton has ended with two people hurt. a man said his brother at a home on washington early this morning. the victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for nonlife threatening injuries. boston police are searching for a killer after a man was gunned down in dorchester. it happened just after midnight. the victim was shot several times and died at the scene. take a live look outside over the city. or just sunshine. cindy: where warming up nicely out there.
8:23 am
unlike yesterday, we' re going to enjoy wall to enjoy wall-to-wall sunshine all day long. temperatures near 50 now, heading up into the low 60' s by noontime. most of the afternoon in the mid-to upper 60' s. the average high is 56. we are well above average. record highs by friday. cooling it down for the weekend. olessa: a little bit busy. we are watching that volume north of town. 93 source that. a disabled car on 120 southbound by 129. eastbound, about 35. the expressway about 30 to 35. emily: where back at 8:56. if you' re heading at the door, you can watch our latest newscast anytime on the wcvb mobile app.
8:24 am
an extra two p to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. rjoin the fight for sara and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton,
8:25 am
from new york, hollywood, the nation, washington and the world, good morning, america. >> that was "gma" 40 years ago today. nancy -- that. don't adjust the rabbit ears on your tv show. host david hartman welcoming the very first "good morning america" broadcast. lots of member remembers ahead as we celebrate "gma" turning 40. big excitement over all that. >> big birthday. >> all month long. let's go over to lara. >> thank you so much, robin. i'm here with my friend amber about to take the leap into adopting a dog.
8:26 am
it's all part of typing homes for some very, very special canines, you can see a couple of them right here and a new pooch pal for my pal. take a look. today i am on a mission to help amber, robin's partner, find a rescue pup. what do you want in a dog. >> we're debating because it would be nice to have a dog with. >> low shedding. for you. >> no shedding. low shedding for her. with amber, she's -- it's got -- dog. >> reporter: there's no better place to connect than this, the north shore animal league, the world's largest no kill animal rescue and adoption organization. you were saying, robin, you both have suffered losses. >> yes, i lost francis almost two years ago. >> francis was amber's beagle shepherd mix adopted when she was just 6 weeks old, easy-going kind-hearted pup that mirrored her owner's personality. >> francis was 14, 15 years old. kj was almost 18.
8:27 am
>> reporter: but for robin who is still grieving the loss of her beloved kj she needs a little more time before taking the puppy plunge again. that. you know some people want to right away get, you know, another fur baby. they set the bar so high, francis and kj, it's difficult. >> i guarantee you kj and francis will always be in your heart but you have room for another. >> i am ready to have another new one. >> oh, my gosh. >> she's a little shepherd terrier. >> reporter: amber would like a smaller dog and here to type the party match is rosie who helps to connect up to 200 dogs with loving hopes every weekend. >> oh, you little baby. >> you know what she's full grown so that's a good size. >> reporter: a little one-on-one time, next step. chance to really get to know the dog's personalities. there's lukas, a tibetan spaniel, papillion mix that caught amber's eye right away. >> so elegant. >> the perfect word for him. >> very chill. i like how chill he is.
8:28 am
>> very chill. >> but so did toots, the boxer bulldog. >> and i got a cigar here, are you smoking? no smoking. what do you say, toots? >> reporter: don't count baby nutmeg the yorkie out of the mix. >> 8 to 10 weeks old. >> i have to point out mr. wiggles is getting a little jealous. you're spending a lot of time over here. or mr. wiggles, a dapper fellow brought in by a family who had to move. >> i wish, i wish, i wish. >> reporter: then there's my favorite, cookie. where's lucious, a dead ringer for one of my three rescue dogs dandy. i have barely put her down the entire time we were there. cookie is going home with lara. the final contender a purebreed boston terrier named samuel adams. a great group of dogs just waiting to find their forever homes. can you believe how many great dogs there are, though, available. >> you could really see how loved these animals are.
8:29 am
>> and the moment is here, so who did amber pick? show us. lukas. >> lukas. >> congratulations. >> oh. >> oh, proud momma. >> so what was it about lukas, amber that you guys just fell in love with. >> he was just a love muffin. just so chill and he is just perfect. >> look at how relaxed he is. >> but it's a moment that she saw him and i have to say, you know, she lost francis, it's been two years coming up this month. i lost kj earlier this year so i've been a little slower and she's been so patient. she's been wanting this moment. the connection. >> you can take walks together and in the meantime we did have the other contenders. there are hundreds of amazing dogs at shelters all over the country but we love north shore animal league for bringing in -- for bringing in these guys and here we go. if you're interested in adopting a dog we'd like you to meet our poochlersome. poochler number one a bright and beautiful boston terrier named samuel adams.
8:30 am
give a toast to this little guy who lovesss belly rubs, walks on a leech, housebroken. 2 years old and totally housebroken. poochler number 2, mr. wiggles. got his name because while he does wiggle a little bit he loves to play, he's adorable, 10 weeks ole and he will leap into your lap and snuggle with you all night long. poochler number three, where is poochler -- >> toots, toots. we named toots this because she had a chew toy that looked like of her mouth. >> see, she. >> she is a boxer american bulldog mix, a knockout. she's spunky and she loves those chew toys. ten weeks old also. then this little magnificent yorkie is named nutmeg. a tiny little lap dog that loves nothing more than snuggle and add the right spice to your life and finally -- >> you actually let cookie out
8:31 am
you actually let someone else touch cookie. >> cookie is the sweetest shih tzu i have ever met. where's lucious? this delicious dog will stay in your arms forever. she loves to be held. she is we think between 1 and 2 years old and i think we may have her adopted right here in the studio already. all the other dog, though, need great homes. all you have to do is go to on yahoo! to get all of the information and thank you again to north shore animal league, america for introducing all of these playful pups to us and just want to say please rescue. >> you've got -- i mean big kudos to you. we spent some time out there. what you do, these dogs and cats are loved but they need forever homes. thank you for what you do. in your own area if you have a place like this, go rescue, rescue someone like lukas, right? >> i love she went shopping like she's a new mother. she labeled the drawer. she's totally nesting. congratulations, amber.
8:32 am
it was a joy helping you guys and hopefully we can help you all find your playful pups. ginger, out to you. >> congratulations, amber and robin. i can't wait to meet him. but i just met patrick. he's in town enjoying from where are you from. >> mississippi. >> which has been a little warmer then the storms but we've been warm in new york city and we are going to stay that way. look close to really records in some places. chicago will be near 70 today. so will detroit. even warmer as we go toward friday. if you all are sticking around, new york city going to be well into the low 70s. so we'll flirt with a record, washington, d.c., almost 80. all right. it's also a big day for college football fans. the first playoff rankings of the season are out tonight. you'll want to tune in to espn at 7:00 p.m. to see where your team ranks. because this will ultimately the
8:33 am
>> and all that weather brought to you by ford. i just want to show, somebody got our coat, lara. >> oh, nice. all right, thank you, ginger. coming up here aziz ansari is with us live. his big new role and what it's like working with mom and dad. one more look at these cute pups maybe. >> take this one home. >> not this one.
8:34 am
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8:35 am
back here with aziz ansari. "parks and recreation" star getting rave reviews for his new show called "master of none." he plays dev, ang actor living in new york who has trouble making all types of decisions in his life. take a look. >> i'm sorry, man. i'm just -- wow, experiencing a lot of emotions right now. whew. man, it's like one of my indian actors. >> it happens. you see "the social network." max plays an indian guy. he's white. they browned him up. >> i know. i read that he's 1/16 indian. >> if you go back we're 1/16 something. i'm probably 1/16 black. >> you draw on your life. >> yeah, well, yeah, that episode is called "indians on
8:36 am
that's been on tv and a lot of the issues that we deal with in episodes are things i've had to deal with as an actor. >> i read about something. you got offered a part in "transformers" where they wanted you to do up the indian accent. >> i didn't get offered the part. i went in for an audition for something in "trance formerliers" and they were like we don't think you're right for this part but another part we think you'd be perfect for. why do you think i'm perfect for this. it's because i'm an indian guy and it just seemed like -- you know, it didn't feel like something i wanted to do so i made a choice pretty early in my career that i was not going to do those kind of roles where it's really about playing up the indian accent and kind of these ethnic caricatures and i'm not like criticizing anyone that does do that. people have to work and some people, you know, don't find a problem with it which is fine but to me that's an interesting conversation to have and it's an
8:37 am
are talking a lot about the way minorities are portrayed and in entertainment and everything. that's why we did that episode to talk about it. >> you're committed to getting things right in the show. you have your parents playing your parents. >> yes, my parents play my parents. i auditioned some actors to do it and it felt -- they never felt real and those parts i wanted to get right, because -- >> you didn't audition your parent, did you. >> i auditioned my dad. my mom, i just offered but it's true. my dad -- the dad part is a bigger part so i had to make sure he wasn't going to screw it up. mom part was smaller so she didn't have to audition of the that was another part i was worried about because when you see immigrant parents depicted on tv and flips a lot of time again there are these broad characters. oh, my god, let me get my keys. there's a piece of chicken -- that doesn't happen. i've been around indian people. it's not that silly. but i wanted them to be
8:38 am
well-rounded funny characters and my parents are well-rounded funny people so i asked this emto do it and they did it and they do a great job. i've seen a couple of reviews where people give them shoutouts which is very cool and it was really fun working with them and seeing them kind of pick up acting and i think they're great in the show. >> i got to believe after the success of your book, you'll dive into relationships here, as well. >> yeah, there's definitely -- if you like idea modern romance" you can see some of the ideas in the show came from the book and it definitely helped me write the relation stuff -- relationship stuff we do in the show. >> thank you for coming in. "master of none" debuts on netflix in friday. coming up "gma" aturning 40. a look back at our very first show.
8:39 am
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our studio crew are adopting these dogs. >> there's more, though. >> there's always more. you're right about that. happy birthday, happy birthday to us. "good morning america" is turning 40. we're celebrating this major broadcast. we'll tell you about that but started. 40 years ago today, november 3rd, 1975, the very first "good morning america." >> good morning, america. >> and with that, "gma" was born. >> good morning, i'm david hartman, today is monday, november the 3rd. >> 40 years ago, the lapels were wider. the news desk was wider. >> in the news this morning we have these late developments. >> but the goals were the same. >> everybody shared a sense of mission, present information to people that they might be able to use in some constructive way in their lives. >> if you like sports scores,
8:42 am
this was the show for you. >> pittsburgh, 30, cincinnati, 24, the vikings, 28, bills, 23 -- and washington defeated dallas, 30-24 in sudden death. >> now we've got this look at this morning's people in the news. >> the first hour started with a sort of early version of "pop news." >> caroline kennedy has a new boyfriend. >> there was a segment debating if the government should bail out new york city. >> thank you, both of you for appearing on face-off. >> famed gossip columnist rona barrett brought in an entertainment report. >> sonny and cher have fallen out of harmony heading back into court? and comic jonathan winters reviewed "jaws". >> you can get a pretty look at the fish right here. he's a star of the movie. >> that was followed by the story of bourbon, the banking st. bernard. >> bourbon can make a bank deposit as well as the next guy in we liked animal stories from the very first day and in between the commercial breaks.
8:43 am
we're here for a party a tupperware party >> and promos for your favorite abc shows. >> inspector keller and lieutenant stone, can we come in please. >> back at 8 a.m., a newbi oh, geraldo rivera filed a report on alcoholism. >> from the bowery, i'm geraldo rivera, peace. good morning, everybody. before twitter we had talkback. >> today on "talkback" we asked traffic cops what was the funniest excuse anyone ever gave you when you were about to give them a ticket? >> i have to go to the toilet. >> an early version of "gma on the money" looked at diet products. >> diet bread costs 6% more. the diet slices are thinner. one thin third. one-third thinner in fact. we tested that out and found also they collapse, thin layers. >> the last segment a discussion of a controversial custody case. >> we have more challenge and excitement between 7:00 and 9:00 every morning than many people
8:44 am
it was pretty nifty. for nancy dussault and myself, morning, america. >> 40 years and counting. yes, yes. we have so many wonderful memory and we're about to make a lot more. 40 for 40. unprecedented 40-hour epic broadcast to celebrate our 40th anniversary starting november 17th jam packed with un unforgettable "gma" moments. i've always loved this tune. i've always loved this tune. >> so mellow. >> brand-new exclusive events leading up to a "gma" family party, a reunion, excuse me. >> everybody, everybody, everybody is coming back. >> yeah. >> all your favorite "gma" hoffmans. we're excited to see everybody. can't we just play the tune as we go away. >> take our little nap right here. >> i love that. >> like a breeze. >> yeah. >> coming up -- we'll have more.
8:45 am
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ge test text1 underline test text1 italics the story of my life "good morning america" is brought to you by brookdale. bringing new life to senior living. this time >> nominated toni collette is joining us on the big screen with drew barrymore in a new movie as robin walks lukas over there. i think maybe lukas is walking robin. i sat down with toni for a first look at the movie. take a look.
8:47 am
>> yeah, it looks like i'm going to drink some blood. >> this won't do, will it? >> okay if i just try this one. >> sorry. >> here. [ laughter ] >> i like -- the sun will actually come out tomorrow. >> poodle perm. >> so happy to have toni with us, you laugh intensely, you cry intensely and millie is a wild child sm a bit of a firecracker. charismatic. growing out. >> so many breast cancer survivors know what that's like. you wear it well. what was the hardest part about playing millie for you. >> oh, well, it was a complete joy actually. the most challenging things were also the most pleasurable. i think it's just really -- it was kind of a powerful and profound thing to play someone
8:48 am
who is facing their own mortality. you know, it's not something anybody else can do for you. >> and a mother too at the same time. >> i know and i think if there's a message in the movie it's to appreciate what you have and that's what my character learns, you know, it's beautiful and it is moving but it's moving in every way, it's not just sad. it's very funny, as well. it's ultimately about love and female friendship and connection and family and it's, you know, all those things that we can all relate to. >> as you mentioned one of the beautiful things that arises a lot of times in struggles like this is love and friendship and ultimately a love story. i loved read you and drew barrymore took your romance off screen and you all vacationed together and it really translated into real life for you two. >> yeah, we got lucky. you can never determine what the chemistry is going to be like and this is a story about lifelong friendship. these two girls know each other inside out and get each other on a basic level and drew's so grounded and she emanates warmth. she's the ultimate girl's girl and i can't imagine having done
8:49 am
we finished the movie and everyone is like how did you feel like you had to part. dedidn't part. we took our family and went to paris together so i just love her. honestly i came away not only was it one of the best, would go ex-peerpszs in my life but with a great new friend? a powerful fantastic moved. toni collette, thanks for joining us. nice meeting you, as well. >> she was such a lovely, lovely guest to have. >> she was. >> "miss you already" in theaters on friday. >> before we go, big winner of one direction's london session contest, 16-year-old emma bailey of ft. wayne, congratulations, you're going to get to meet the band and get a little personal concert? adopt me. adopt me. announcer: this is a newscenter
8:50 am
5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning. looking live over the boston skyline. urges skies. some places close to 70' s. cindy: temperatures starting at in the 30' s. many of us now in the lower 50' s. 53 and boston. lots of sunshine this morning. clouds passing by to our north. most of sunny skies all day long. very mild for early november. 65 to 70. enjoy it. cooler tomorrow. olessa: it is not too bad. watching some of that volume north of town. 93 south heavy. pike eastbound is about 35 from 495 to 128. it stays low into boston. delays on the expressway. trains and buses running on schedule. emily: a four-hour lampstand off and canton is over. it started when a man sat his
8:51 am
brother early this morning. the victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. custody just before 6:00. he was also injured. put toes in its till it cleaner in the backs of two children in hopkinton. they do not just the chemicals. backs.
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